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Ethereum Prediction: Cost May Reach $ 2000

Ethereum Prediction: Cost May Reach $ 2000

The pandemic and global crisis have made it difficult to predict the rate of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. In September alone, the value of more than 230 of the top 250 coins fell by 50%, although at the end of the summer many of them showed exponential growth. Ether fell 27%.  Despite the overall drop over the year, the cost of Ethereum increased by 112% in mid-October – thanks in large part to the progress of the DeFi field of decentralized finance, which received a significant influx of investments. The launch of Price ethereum 2.0 will give Ethereum even more support.

Ethereum price prediction until the end of 2020

A number of experts are confident that by the end of 2020, the cost of ether will cross the $ 500 mark with a price of $ 378 in the third decade of October. The arguments are simple – the more attention is paid to Ethereum solutions, the higher the ether rate.

Ethereum 2.0 is expected to be updated in November. In October, work on the security of the new blockchain should be completed, after which the team will begin to improve the user interface.

ETH forecast for early 2021

Ether’s competitors are trying to outpace it in key metrics, promising to become faster, more efficient and easier to use, which they have so far failed to do. The situation happens to beimprobable to change in 2021. ETH is not only holding positions, but also growing. This is a rare crypto star story for currencies of the same age as ether.

The price of ETH has overcome the resistance of $ 376, and analysts say the next psychological barrier is the level of $ 400 and then $ 500. Price ethereummust exceed the level of $ 380, otherwise a downward correction may begin. If the quotes fall below $ 362, then there is a possibility of falling to $ 350.

Economic Forecasting Agency relies on mathematical and statistical methods to analyze data. The agency’s Ethereum forecast suggests a bearish trend, with ETH likely to drop to $ 300 by March 2021.


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